When working with someone new, I like to connect with them over Zoom or in-person if that is possible for an initial chat to discuss how I can help and answer any questions about the process. Also, I just like chatting to people :)

This is not necessary however, so if you would like a complimentary first session but do not wish to chat, please do still get in touch and we can communicate through email no problem. I offer this first session for free - click here to arrange.

After the initial complimentary session, I prefer to work on my own. That way, I can set up my healing space and really tune in to whomever I am working on.

Being a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I have learned to connect energetically with my client and act as a “proxy” for them. This means that I can muscle test myself and get answers from their subconscious mind.

I start by asking if there are any trapped emotions I can release in relation to whatever we are working on (for example if clearing a Heart-Wall, I will specifically ask if I can clear a trapped emotion from their Heart-Wall - after checking if they have one).

I then locate the specific emotion from the Emotion Code chart of emotions, and the age at which it occurred.

I then energetically release the emotion.

I will carry on this way and release as many emotions as my client’s subconscious will allow.

If the session is part of a package (for example the Heart-Wall Package), I will ask my client’s subconscious how long is needed until the next session for the body to process the healing.

I will then email my client and report to them exactly what I have found and released.

I am happy to answer questions through email as we go along and at the end of a package of sessions, another chat over Zoom or Skype is also offered if my client wants to discuss the healings more or has any questions.