My absolute favourite part of the Emotion Code work is clearing the Heart-Wall. I think because for me, it was one of the biggest shifts I have felt on my healing journey. Not only did I feel lighter, more free and more ‘myself’ - my intuition became very strong and I noticed very soon after that major shifts started happening in my life to propel me towards more of what I wanted.

It is estimated that 93% of people have a Heart-Wall. It is an energetic wall, built by the subconscious mind, using trapped emotional energy in the body, to protect the heart. Now, in some circumstances this can be a good thing but the problem is that, once you are out of the situation where you felt you needed protection, it then holds you back and makes you feel disconnected, numb and weighed down. As the founder of the Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson, explains it - “if you’re being bombed, it’s a good idea to hide in a bunker. But you wouldn’t want to live there. If you did, you’d miss out on all the joys and wonders of life”.

If you have a Heart-Wall, you may experience some of these symptoms:

  • Depression or emotional numbness

  • Feelings of isolation and disconnection from others

  • Relationship problems

  • Trouble giving and receiving love

  • Success blocks and trouble finding your true calling

  • Heart disease

  • Blood pressure problems

  • Chest pain and upper back pain

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Lowered immunity and difficulty healing

Once your Heart-Wall is cleared, you can expect to feel “lighter”, more free and more “yourself”. Your intuition may become much clearer and stronger and you may feel a depth of love that you have not experienced before.

I should say though, you may not feel very much at this point. It can be an ever-so-subtle shift. You may not notice a difference until an “issue” comes up for you and you go to react a certain way out of habit and suddenly realise that you no longer feel how you used to feel, or that you simply react differently to things than you used to. You may by that time not make the connection to having your Heart-Wall removed.

Clearing the Heart-Wall WILL create a shift for you whether you notice or not. Being free from a Heart-Wall allows for quicker and deeper healing in other areas - such as physical issues, relationships, self worth and abundance issues.

The barriers will be broken down to allow you to more easily be able to manifest love, create abundance, and live your life how you’re supposed to - with vibrancy, health, love and joy.

Here is what a few of my clients have said about having their Heart-Wall cleared:

“Having my Heart-Wall cleared has made me feel lighter, more able to take risks.”

“words are a clumsy way to describe something so subtly profound.”

“It feels like my intuition is louder, a more powerful voice that’s uncluttered by background chatter of fear and self-doubt.”

“I definitely feel more liberated and confident in my work and far more focused than I ever have been before”

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