I have such a strong desire to share this work with as many people as I can - I believe that it is truly life-changing.

I did my first alternative therapy course at the age of 18 - a diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy. This was just the very beginning for me and so, in between travelling and exploring other hobbies, I have since completed many other trainings including a BSc degree in Complementary Medicine and Health, practitioner training in Theta Healing and, most recently, practitioner training in the Emotion Code.

Theta Healing really opened up the doors for me to experience

1. A deeper understanding of the part the subconscious mind plays in healing and in creating our reality

2. Enhanced intuition

3. Witnessing an instant healing when I was practising on my husband and his swollen, puffy red eye cleared up in front of my eyes as we released some limiting beliefs he had around having hay fever and health in general.

After having my heart-wall cleared, my intuition sky rocketed.

Then along came the Emotion Code and I very quickly cleared up so much of the emotional baggage that was holding me back (still working on it!). After having my heart-wall removed, my intuition sky rocketed and it was then that I fully embraced the fact that I am a ‘multi-passionate’. I no longer feel any need or desire to find my ‘one thing’ and stick to it. I know that new passions and projects are always going to show up for me and that excites and delights me now, rather than making me feel flawed for not yet having figured out “what I want to do with my life”.

I decided to do the Emotion Code practitioner training after practising on friends and family and seeing some amazing results. I have such a strong desire to share this work with as many people as I can - I believe that it is truly life-changing.

Here are a few more little things about me:

I live by the sea in Scotland with my husband and our 7 year old son.

My husband is a photographer (@goodbye.1979) and that is why the pictures on this website are so beautiful!

We home educate our son. We very much follow an “Unschooling” philosophy whereby he learns through his passions and in his own time. It is an absolute honour and joy to watch him grow and learn. He is the most amazing little person.

I have many different passions and interests. As I mentioned above, the realisation that this is not a flaw, but one of my greatest gifts came to me after having my Heart-wall removed. Some of these interests are fleeting, and there are a few that I’ve had for most of my life and that never go away and these are: travel, healing/wellbeing and country music.

I went to Nashville when I was 23 to work for the summer. This was my dream and as soon as I got there I felt at home and have been back 5 times. I can only assume I had a past life there as there is no other explanation for my affinity with the place and the music - it does something to my soul that I can not explain.

I used to be extremely shy and quite nervous around new people but in the last 10 years or so, I have come to the place where I love people! I love meeting new people and chatting to everyone. This is one of the reasons I love Instagram - it is a great way to find like-minded souls and I have made a lot of lovely connections though it. Come say hello to me there - @aileymaeloves.